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    XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 Theme | 104 Mb


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    XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 Theme | 104 Mb Empty XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 Theme | 104 Mb

    Post by Ady'slengean on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:03 am

    XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 Theme | 104 Mb 34dr3a9

    XWindows Dock - or XWD for short - is the newest free Windows Vista and XP program of the class Application Launcher and Desktop Organizer.

    But it's not just another one: it's the result of years of use and observation of the many dock programs on the market, plus all functions you only dreamed that your dock would offer!Sure some of the other ones are good, but none has all the functionalities XWindows Dock has for turning your user experience more productive and fun! Besides, XWD is in active development so that new functionalities are added at each new release.

    No other Windows application of this class has so many graphical subtleties such as reflections, transparencies, shadow and Blur in a single package, even less in a single free package. No Advanced, Plus or Enhanced version for tasting the real goods. Stacks, Lists and its exclusive Galleries are all there waiting for you!

    Features :
    -Cusomize dock
    -Neither application launcher not allowed to configure dock so detailed. User can configurate:
    -Opacity and blur of reflections.
    -Panel opacity, hiding and showind time
    -Space Between panel and screen Border.
    -In addition, XWindows Dock allows:
    -Use or create your own skins for 2D or 3D dock.
    -Shows indicators of running applications.
    -New skin format, now a skin can be created even without specifying some PNG files. *New!*

    Amazing icons
    -Add to dock favorite applications, folders, stacks and galleries. In any time you can configure:
    -The size and zoom of icons, space between them.
    -Number of zoomed icons.
    -Spacing between icons and their reflections.
    -Spacing between icon and bottom of dock.
    -Show icon shadow, define opacity and blur of the shadow.
    -Icons can be sorted with by couple parameters: kind, name etc.
    -Forget about ugly ICO-files. Download high quality PNG icons and enjoy it.


    XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 Theme | 104 Mb

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